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2006 ITAA Proceedings #63

Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the  Merchandising Management track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Merchandising Management

Adomaitis, A., Kwak, L. E., McAllister, T. (2006). Hiring Hispanics into Retail Leadership Positions

Belleau, B., McRoberts, L. B. (2006). Petite Women

Birk, V., Leahy, A. G. (2006). Fashion Retail Growth

Carroll, K., Macala, C. (2006). Examination of non-traditional retailing and merchandising practices

Choi, J., Lee, K. H. (2006). The Influence of Service Quality, Perceived Monetary Cost, and Non-monetary Cost

Choo, H. J., Lee, K. H., Row, Y. (2006). Exploring Internal Service Quality of Fashion Retailers

Costello, C., Fairhurst, A., Jolly, L. (2006). Student Perceptions of Web-based Customer Service Modules

Fiore, A. M., Hausafus, C., Jeong, M., Niehm, L., Oh, H., Tyner, K., Yoo, J. (2006). An Educational Program to Enhance Experiential Aspects

Fiore, A. M., Kim J., Muske, G., Yu, H. (2006). The Effects of Small Business Website Designs and Functions

Fiorito, S., Wang, Y. (2006). Perceived consumer equity using a self-checkout kiosk

Gahring, S., Johnson, K. K. P., Lee, J. H., Lee, S. E. (2006). Business Strategies of Independent Retailers

Halperin, J. E., Kim, S. (2006). Adoption of E-Commerce by Small Business

Hawley, J. M., Tong, X. (200). The Effect of Marketing Activities on Brand Equity

Heitmeyer, J., McGrath, M. D., Sullivan, P. (2006). When shooting for the youth market aim for a bull's-eye

Hillery, J. L., Paulins, V. A. (2006). Retail, Apparel, and Textile Industry Project

Hokanson, B., Lee, S. E. (2006). Tenant Mix Analysis

Homan, S., Jung, J. (2006). Generation Brand

Hwang, E. J., Norton, M. J. T. (2006). Strategic Management and Financial Performance

Jackson, V. P., Kwon, H. J. (2006). Small South Korean Businesses

Jeon, Y., Sung, H. (2006). Fashion Lifestyles as Market Segments and Evaluation for Online Fashion Mall Services

Johnson, K. K. P., Kang, M. (2006). Apparel Returns

Jondle, K. L., Maurer, K. A., Niehm, L. S. (2006). An Exploratory Study of Retail Business' Adoption of the Experience Economy

Joshi, P., Kwon, H. J. (2006). The Importance of retail attributes in in-store and online purchase situation

Kampfe, A., Lee, S. E. (2006). Effects of Lighting and Color in the Retail Environment

Kim, M. (2006). Email Responsiveness of Internet Apparel Retailers

Kim, H. J., Lennon, S. J. (2006). E-atmosphere, Pleasure, and Approach Response of Apparel

Kim, M., Lennon, S. J. (2006). The Effects of Product Presentation on Information Processing

Kim, S., Mukherjee, S. (2006). Imported Retail Store Types and Their Consumers in India

Kim, H. J., Niehm, L. S. (2006). Website Quality, Information Quality, Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty Intention

KOKIL, U. (2006). An Evaluation of the Needs of SMEs

Kwon, W. S., Lennon, S. J. (2006). Development of an Online Brand Image Measurement

Lee, J., Lee, S. E. (2006). Building an Initial Trust with Unknown Retailers in the Online Gifting Market

Lee, M. S., Niehm, L. (2006). Rural and Small Town Customers' Perceptions

Lennon, S. J., Park, M. (2006). The Effect of Online Visual Merchandising Cues on Online Shoppers' Responses

Lennon, S. J., Yoo, J. (2006). The Effect of Product Presentation of Apparel

Lewis, T., LeHew, M., (2006). Retail Image Perception of a Dual Gender Specialty Store

Li, Y., Swinney, J. (2006). Using the Hourglass Economy as a Foundation

Matranga, M. J., Warrington, P. T. (2006). Planning for Profitability

Webb, A. L., Workman, J. E. (2006). Message T-shirts and School Climate


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