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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Aesthetics, Design, and Product Development track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Aesthetics, Design, Product Development

Bell, Chelsea, Chang, Li-Fen Anny, O’Rourke-Kaplan, Marian, Stidham, Janie, Freeman, Charles Edward, McRoberts, Lisa, Carrico, Melanie and Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda. Teaching Design Research through Practice: A Pilot Study for Collaborative Exploration

Bye, Elizabeth and Gordon, Linsey. A Method for Materials Research
Caskey, Kristin. Clothing Design for Conjoined Twins
Cottle, Frederick S., Ulrich, Pamela V. and Simmons, Karla P. Human Body Form: What does it Mean?
Dragoo, Sheri L. Pattern Grading Approaches – Assessment of Grade Rules and Fit as Applied to Merchandise
Eason, Kathryn and Dial, Angela. Integrating Textile Design in Apparel Construction through a Joint-Class Project
Fish, Kirstie, MacGillivray, Maureen, An, Su Kyoung and Beard, Carol. Shapewear Fit and Attractiveness Ratings Based on Body Type
Freeman, Charles and Meyer, Kendra-Louise. Cross-College Collaboration: Communication Opportunities with 2-D and 3-D Technology
Freeman, Charles and McRoberts, Lisa. What Drives Design? Examining the Influence of Motivational Factors on Creative Product Output
Freeman, Charles, McRoberts, Lisa, Bell, Chelsea, Chang, Li-Fen Anny, O-Rourke-Kaplan, Marian, Stidham, Janie, Carrico, Melanie and Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda. Outerwear - Inner Musings: A Theoretical Framework Application for Creative Scholarship


Gordon, Linsey and Bye, Elizabeth. Understanding the Apparel Use, Needs, and Preferences of Breastfeeding Mothers


Gordon, Linsey and Dunne, Lucy. The Re-design and Evaluation of the Patient Gown for an Integrated Healthcare Organization

Hahn, Kim. Engaging Fashion Design Students with Evolving Technology: Digital Printing

Han, Siyuan and Koo, Helen. Anti-Theft Travel Bag Design: Advantage, Interest, and Satisfaction


Jin, Heejae and Mullet, Kathy. Analysis of Body Movements for Development of Male Wheelchair Tennis Shirt


Kim, Dong-Eun. Perception of Size Variations in 3D Virtual Garment Simulation


Koo, Helen and Huang, Xiao. Visibility-Enhanced Bicycling Clothes with Flashing LEDs Applied for Biological Motion


Lau, Flora, Yu, Winnie, Fan, Jintu and Zheng, Rong. New Methods for the Objective Measurement of Bra Fit


Lin, Shu-Hwa, Cui, Yan and Stricker, Didier. Body Scanning Avatar and Draping Simulation


McKinney, Ellen and Ghalachyan, Armine. Proposed Typologies for the Dress Needs of Nursing Mothers and Babies and Available Nursing Dress: An Evaluation of the Relationship between Concepts in These Typologies


Meal, Kelly, Knight, Dee K., Kim HaeJung and Stidham, Janie. Identifying Apparel Attributes: The Relationship between Risks, Perceived Copyright Infringement and Purchase Intention of Knockoff Fashion Apparel Products


Morris, Kristen, Moukperian, Melissa, Campbell, Carley, Dorn, Janelle, Trejo, Helen, Wu, Lauren Goodnow, Schultz, Sally, Wu, Jocelyn and Ashdown, Susan. Exploring a Process: Using Technology to Define Firefighter Glove Fit Preference


Murray, Bernie and Barry, Ben. Diversity in Body Shape and Size: Teaching Design and Communications


Orzada, Belinda T. Ballet Costume Design: the Ultimate Challenge in Function and Sustainability


Ott, Robert and Cukier,Wendy. Artisanal Fashion Design: Entrepreneurs on Thinking, Process, and Decision Making


Parsons, Jean L., Ridgway, Jessica L. and Tofflemire, Lauren. With a Theme, as a Team, for a Client: A Digital Textile Design Commissioned Art Project


Romeo, Laurel and Lee, Young-A. A Meta-Analysis of Apparel-Related Research for Plus-Size Teens


Ruppert-Stroescu, Mary. Fashion for a Cause, Collection Development, and Professional Presentation

Shin, Su-Jeong Hwang and Lee, Jinhee. Decision Factors in Purchasing Denim Jeans: Comparison of Teens and College Students


Starkey, Sandra and Parsons, Jean L. Promoting Universal Design: A Pilot Study of Wheelchair User Needs Using the Inclusive Design Framework


Strickfaden, Megan. Designing in the Wild: Towards Specialized Clothing Designs


Trout, Barbara. Beyond Wearable Art


Yu, Sihong, Strickfaden, Megan and Crown, Elizabeth. Design and Evaluation of a Garment
System for Protection Against Steam and Hot Water


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