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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Consumer Behavior

Bae, Su Yun and Yan, Ruoh-Nan (Terry). Comparison between Second-Hand Apparel Shoppers versus Non-Shoppers: The Role of Psychographics and Ethical Decision Making
Bae, Su Yun, Yan, Ruoh-Nan (Terry) and Stoel, Leslie. Fair Trade Purchasers: How Are They Different From Non-Purchasers?
Baker, Renee, Gam, Hae Jin, Banning, Jennifer, Reed, Elisabeth and An, Su Kyoung. Fashion Change Agent Qualities among Tweens
Barry, Ben. Refashioning Masculinity: An Exploratory Study of Men’s Interpretations of Fashion Advertisements
Baytar, Fatma and Ashdown, Susan P. Exploring Consumption Intentions of Customized Apparel
Bennur, Shubhapriya and Gao, Xiuyuan. Exploring Impacts of Fast Fashion Factors on Consumer Intentions to Shop at Fast Fashion Stores
Burman, Ritika, Chen Yizhuo and Xu, Yingjiao. Exploring College Students’ Shopping Motivation for Secondhand Clothing
Chang, Hyo Jung (Julie), Yurchisin, Jennifer and Hodges, Nancy. An Investigation of Self-Concept, Clothing Selection, and Life Satisfaction among Disabled Consumers
Chattaraman, Veena, Kim, Hyejeong and Despande, Gopikrishna. The Central Role of Product Beauty in Consumers’ Neuropsychological Response to the Design of Hedonic and Utilitarian Products
Childs, Michelle and Jin, Byoungho. Are Scarcity Messages Still Effective? An Experimental Comparison with Brand Prominence and Some Moderating Effects
Cho, Siwon and Workman, Jane E. Consumer’s Use of Information Sources by Fashion Leadership and Style of Information Processing
Choi, Yun Jung, Yang, SuJin, Yoon, So-Yeon and Yang, Heesoon. The Effect of Negative CSR Information by Luxury Fashion Brands on Consumer Response
Dorie, Amy, Rabolt, Nancy, Markova, Ivana and Johnson-Carroll, Karen. Social Media in the Store Environment: The Impact of Social Network Applications on Consumer Emotions, Cognitions, and Purchase Intentions
Goldsmith, Ronald E., Flynn, Leisa R. and Goldsmith, Elizabeth B. Profiling the Frequent Clothing Shopper
Han, Tae-Im and Stoel, Leslie. A Typology of Consumers’ Familiarity and Experience of Organic Cotton Apparel
Huang, Xiao and Kim, Hyejeong. College Students’ Purchase Intention for Luxury Brand Fashion Counterfeit Goods: A Cross-cultural Comparison
Hyllegard, Karen H., Ogle, Jennifer Paff and Yan, Ruoh-Nan. College Students’ Responses to Prosocial Marketing Claims on Apparel Hang Tags
Im, Hyunjoo and Kim, Hye-Young. Fashion Digital Products: Rethinking Product Categories and Characteristics
Johnson, Jennifer and Ha, Young. Modern Consumer Socialization: The Influence of Peers, Family, and Online Social Networking Usage
Joung, Hyun-Mee. Shopping Orientation, Fashion Innovativeness, and Purchase Decision-Making
Ju, Hae Won and Johnson, Kim K. P. Who Are Fashion Brand Fans? An Investigation of Antecedents and Outcomes of Brand Commitment
Jung, Kwangho, Workman, Jane and Lee, Seung-Hee. Public Service Motivation (PSM) and Attitudes toward Purchasing Fashion Counterfeits
Jung, Yeo Jin, Kim, Jiyoung and Bharath, Josiam. Social Capital in Social Media and Its Effect on Brand Attachment and Purchase Intention
Kang, Jiyun, Sullivan, Pauline and DuPont, Ann. Filling the Attitude-Behavior Gap in Sustainable Consumption: The Role of Consumer Involvement and Shopping Enjoyment
Kang, Ju-Young M. Augmented Reality and Motion Capture E-Shopping Usage for Apparel: Webcam Social Shopper
Kang, Ju-Young M. Repurchase Loyalty for Customer Social Co-Creation E-Marketplaces
Kestler, Jessica L. and Paulins, V. Ann. Mother/Daughter Relationships and Fashion Influences
Kim, Jiyoung and Ha, Sejin. The Effect of Retailer Perceived Isomorphism and Performative Action on Legitimacy, Word-Of-Mouth and Purchase Intention
Kim, Jung-Hwan and Zhang, Bopeng (Pollyanna). U.S. Luxury Fashion Consumption: Factors Affecting Attitude and Purchase Intent
Ko, Seung Bong and Jin, Byoungho. Predictors of Purchase Intention toward Green Apparel Products: A Cross-Cultural Investigation in the U.S. and China
Kobia, Caroline and Liu, Chuanlan. Developing a Framework to Understand the Roles of Fashion Leaders and Followers in a Process of Fashion Viral Marketing Campaigns
Lee, Eun-Jung. Viewer Number Cues in Fashion E-Commerce: The Moderating Effect of Category Knowledge
Lennon, Sharron J., Lee, Jaeha, Kim, Minjeong and Johnson, Kim K. P. Men (and Women) Shopping on the Darkside: Consumer Misbehavior on Black Friday
Letchworth, Rebecca and Guthrie, Mallorie. Generation Y’s Perception of Price and Quality Related to Apparel Products
Lewis, Tasha L. A Survey of Current Consumer Technology Use for Apparel Shopping
Liu, Chuanlan and He, Yang. Do Consumers’ Apparel Shopping Orientation Changes? An Exploration of Life Event Influence
Lu, Jinzhao, Xu, Yingjiao and Moore, Marguerite. Pinterest: Pinning for Inspiration and Aspiration
Manchiraju, Srikant and Krizan, Zlatan. What's Materialism?  Testing the Two Dominant Perspectives on Materialism
Martinez-Novoa, Lorraine and Hodges, Nancy. Exploring Diversity within the Hispanic Market: An Investigation of Shopping Experiences among Puerto Rican Consumers
Matthews, Delisia R. and Hodges, Nancy. Swapping Styles: An Exploration of Fashion Leadership, Brands, and Group Membership in the Context of Clothing Swaps
McKinney, Ellen and Shin, Eonyou. Female Consumer’s Fit Strategies and Fit Perception of Formalwear Rented Online: Content Analysis
Min, Seoha, Kim, Angella J. and Wu, Juanjuan. The Relationship between Consumer Characteristics and Online Co-design Involvement
Noh, Mijeong, Runyan, Rodney C. and Mosier, Jon. Effect of Young ConsumersSelf-Concept on Hedonic/Utilitarian Cool Attitudes
Oh, Keunyoung and Abraham, Liza. The Effect of Knowledge on Decision-Making in the Context of Organic Cotton Clothing
Park, Na Ri and Park, Jae-Ok. The Effect of Knowledge on Decision-Making in the Context of Organic Cotton Clothing
Rabolt, Nancy J., Myagmarjav, Burmaa, Pope, Stephanie, Proehl, Ariane S. and Sixbey-Spring, Genevieve. Consumer Awareness and Attitudes toward Corporate Social Responsibility Relative to Purchasing Behaviors and Willingness to Pay More
Rabolt, Nancy J. and Husari, Eliana. Mobile Apparel Shopping: Application to Innovation Theory
Sadachar, Amrut and Khare, Arpita. Influence of Collective Self-Esteem on Online Shopping Behavior of American Youth
Shephard, Arlesa, Pookulangara, Sanjukta, Kinley Tammy and Josiam, Bharath. Comparing Shopping Channel Preferences: Hispanic and Caucasian Consumers
Son, Junghwa and Jin, Byoungho. A Comprehensive Understanding Toward Perceived Price and Willingness to Purchase
Tong, Xiao. Factors Affecting Purchase Intention of University Licensed Apparel
Turner, Thomas F., Childs, Michelle, and Watchravesringkan, Kittichai. A Comparative Study between Athletic and Non-Athletic Consumers: Consumer Decision-Making Styles, Shopping Channel Choices, and Purchase Intentions
Yang, Jung-ha and Chen-Yu, Jessie. An Examination of Male Consumers’ Attitude toward Using Fit Mass-customization and Intention of buying Fit Mass-customized Apparel
Yoo, Jungmin and Kim, Minjeong. Factors Affecting Initial Trust in an Online Shopping
Yoon, Eunju, Kean, Rita C., and Ha, Young. Website Environmental Cues: How Do They Work in Online Apparel Shopping?
Yu, Ui-Jeen and Lee, Hyun-Hwa. Effect of Brand Familiarity and Brand Loyalty on Imagery Elaboration in Online Apparel Shopping

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