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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in Creative Design Fiber Art. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Creative Design Fiber Art

Alexander, Theresa. Remember the Alamo
Anderson, Adrienne. Fight or Flight
Arenstein, Lisa. Green Lantern
Aultman, Jody. Flower Power
Aultman, Jody. Turtle, Turtle
Beard, Diana. Anonymous was a Woman
Black, Catherine. Women’s Wear Daily
Bradley, Barbara T. Windswept
Cahill, Erin. Master and Commander
Cho, Kyoung-Hee. Panorama of the Sun
Chronowski, Erica. Rock’N’Texture
Clariza, Patricia. A Vision of Lights
Eckerson, Nicole and Frazier, Barbara. Structured Elegance
Enoch, Elizabeth. Mosaic Dance
Fong, Linnea. Elevation
Haar, Sherry. Sunflower Saddened
Hahn, Kim H. Y. and Kim, Jihyun. Amber Refraction
Her, Nou. Hmong Tradition
Higginbotham, Kathleen, Ulrich, Pamela and Koo, Helen. Night in Shining Armor
Hwang, Chanmi G. Blooming Daffodils
Hwang, Chanmi G. Daffodils- Enduring Winter
Iiams, Erika Frances. Spring’s Promise
Jennings, Tracy. Fun With Stripes
Jennings, Tracy. Gaudi Glass
Kallal, M. Jo. Falling Water
Kane, Laura. Power, Justice and Faith: Using Environmental and Autobiographical Design Psychology in Garment Creation
Kim, Injoo. Balance or Imbalance
Kornel, Jasmine. Peace
Lee, Breanne. Catamaran
Lee, Breanne. Magnetism
Lee, Breanne. Modern Zen
Lee, Young-A and Kwon, Gi Young. I Plus Nature in a Nested Society
Lin, John. Crystal Black Feather Gown
Lurio, Samantha and McClendon, Alphonso. Tucked in Mourning Blue
Michelakis, Lauren. A Rainy Day in the City
Monfort-Nelson, Erin M. Memory Marks
Moretz, Colleen. Belle Curves
Morris, Kristen. Cilia
Ohaus, Greta. Báthory
?hrn-McDaniel, Linda. Business or Craft
Orzada, Belinda T. Grand Canyon Waterfall
Palen-Michel, Madison. Rue Saint-Jacques
Palmisano, Danielle. Lost in Beauty
Pande, Kanupriya. Sustainable Couture
Parrillo-Chapman, Lisa. Pixie Flower
Parrillo-Chapman, Lisa and Carroll, Kate. Striped Robe
Parsons, Jean L. Spiral Rose
Plummer, Brianna. Suit for Magritte
Reddy-Best, Kelly. The Emotions of Rape
Reynolds, Kelsey. Laser Sharp
Sampson, Paula. Art Deco Delight
Sanders, Eulanda A. Byzantine Muse
Sato, Jenna. Eco Blossom
Schofield, Sherry. Dandelion Field
Sparks, Diane and Jiang, Kinor. Shibori Rain
Stannard, Casey. Queen for a Day
Sun, Lushan. Naturally Refined Series: Rippled
Taylor, Chasity. Time Trapped
Waldrup, Kori and Carroll, Kate. The Overgrowth

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Executive Director, Nancy Rutherford, Ph.D