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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in Creative Design Target Market. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Creative Design Target Market

Allred, Samantha. A River Designed
Ambrose, Annette. Thunderstuck
Ames, Annette. Broken Lace
Araja, Renz Jason. Eternal Dress
Avila, Tara. Darling Darling
Bartley, Denise. Carmen
Bell, Chelsea. Courtney
Bibko, Melanie. Malachite
Bissonnette, Anne. Travelling Brunswick Day to Evening Reversible Mode
Black, Catherine. Calla Petals
Burkowski, Sylvia. Deco
Caro, Andrea. Sculptural Chartreuse
Caro, Andrea. Wedded Window to the Soul
Caskey, Kristin. Printemps for Lulu
Caskey, Kristin. Printemps for Mamma
Chan, Jocelyn. A Pull of Color
Chang, Li-Fen Anny. The Scorpio
Chang, Li-Fen Anny. Urbane Rebel 
Chase, Carma. Flight of the Phoenix
Chen, Chanjuan. Origami Meets Eco-fashion
Dorie, Amy. Safdie
Ducey, Lindsay and Trout, Barbara. The Golden Medallion
Dumrongpokin, Pornpatsorn.  Architechture Inspired Earthtone Dress
Eike, Rachel J. Olivine
Fan, Wen and McClendon, Alphonso. Coat of Armour
Fidler, Cindy. Square Interrupted
Gignac, Stormi. Look of the Southwestern Winds
Gignac, Stormi. Spanish Rose
Jassal, Mani. Maharani
Kane, Laura. Latin Butterfly
Kang, Yusun. Neverland
Kim, Dong-Eun. Gracefully Pleated
Kim, Jihyun and Hahn, Kim H. Y. Celestial Symphony
Kim, Jongeun. Post-Modern Korean Wedding Dress
Koo, Helen. Collusion in the Castle
Lamar, Traci A.M. and Ma, Yanxue. Golden Delicacy
Lee, Jeesun, Murray, Bernie and Tullio-Pow, Sandra. Evening Dress - Joan of Arc
Lewis, Cassie and Eklund, Andrea. Wild Side
Limseree, Fuanglarp.  Black to the Future
Linsmeyer, Cory Allen. Hunting Jacket
Lung, Andrea. Live To Fly Fan Edition
McKinney, Ellen and Ghalachyan, Armine. On the Level: a Minimal Waste Bias Evening Gown Achieved through Creative Pattern Draping, Seam Angles, and Grain Placement
Michaelson, Dawn M. A Selkie’s View
Miller, Amanda. Cliff Hanger
Monfort-Nelson, Erin M. Royal Wedding: A Mod(ern) Twist
Moretz, Colleen. Heirloom Elegance, Something Old is New
Morgan, Chantel. Near Zero Waste
Morris, Kristen. Peacocking
Navarro, Henry. Grey Cincinnati: A Site-specific Fashion Collection
Odamaki, Yoshiko. Halter Dress of Shibori
Odukomaiya, Zigwai Remy. Bliss
?hrn-McDaniel, Linda. Translation of a Stitch
O’Rourke-Kaplan, Marian. On the Road Again
Pande, Kanupriya. Jeweled Couture Dress-1
Pande, Kanupriya. Jeweled Couture Dress-2
Pennick, Michael. Eclosion
Plummer, Brianna. Parisian Mad Men
Plutshack, Chelsey. Easy Rider Moto Jacket
Riddle, Will. Nyx
Ruppert-Stroescu, Mary. Waterfall: A Co-design Challenge
Salusso, Carol J. and Tsai, Chiayun Corrine. Unisex Styling: Adding Fun to Sustainability
Schaefer, Kirsten and Navarro, Henry. Sustainably Ever After: Extending the Life of Bridal Gowns & Eliminating Fabric Waste through Zero Waste Pattern Cutting & Modular Design
Sigvaldson, Hannah. Winter Running Gear
Simons, Julia. Seams
Sparks, Diane and Jiang, Kinor. Textural Variation in Pleated Black Silk
Sparks, Diane and Searle, Lizzy. Flora: Dress for a Destination Beach Wedding
Swank, Morgan. Parachute Dress for Anna
Taylor, Chasity. God Save MacQueen
Valdez, Brenda. Natsukashii (Nostalgia in Japanese)
Vanderlinde, Pamela. Electric Prism Coat
Vanderlinde, Pamela. Endless Rhythm Cape
Walker, Daniel Jon. Beauté Noire
West, Megan and Eklund, Andrea. Firefly
West, Megan and Eklund, Andrea. Gleaming Gills
Wilson, Anthony. Egyptian Elegance
Wilson, Anthony. Grecian Elegance
Wilson, Anthony. Simply Elegant
Yang, Pa Ser. Second Skin
Yu, Sihong and Strickfaden, Megan. Advances in Workwear: Protection from Steam & Hot Water
Zwanziger, Laura. The Princess

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Executive Director, Nancy Rutherford, Ph.D