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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Historic track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.


Baziotes, Monica and Ulrich, Pamela V. Textile Product Information in Apparel Advertisements: Content Analysis of Mademoiselle, 1942-1997
Bissonnette, Anne. Re-assessing Late Directoire Dress for Women in 1797-1799 Paris
Bradley, Linda Arthur. Mounting a Costume Exhibit: A Didactic Approach to Teaching Costume Museum Management
Daniels, Mary Katherine and Ulrich, Pamela. From Stout to Plus: Identifying the Evolution of Apparel Sizing for Larger Consumers from 1913 to 1993
Gannon, Trina and Cone, Schuyler E. An Investigation into Cultural Influences on Consumer Behavior with Regards to Propaganda Textiles during World War II
Green, Denise Nicole. A Cape Covered in Wealth: Interpreting Colonial Encounter in Museum Collections
Hall, Martha L., Orzada, Belinda T. and Lopez-Gydosh, Dilia. Visual Characterizations of “Gowns by Adrian”: Documentation of the Costume Design Aesthetic of Gilbert Adrian, 1928-1941
Kincade, Doris H. and Dull, Elizabeth H. Two Buildings and Two Towns: Comparison of Abandoned and Repurposed Plants
Lafrenz, Lu Ann and Mida, Ingrid. Engaging Students with Objects: Preliminary Experiments in Reviving a Dormant Fashion Research Collection
Leslie, Catherine Amoroso. Engagement in High Enrollment Classrooms: History of Costume, Hybrid by Choice
Mamp, Michael. The Art and Bohemian Character of Ethel Wallace
Marcketti, Sara B. and Fitzpatrick, Janet E. Correcting Misperceptions: Strategies for Attracting and Educating a Reluctant Audience to a Museum of Textiles and Clothing
Marcketti, Sara B. and Parsons, Jean L. The Use of Design Patents to Protect Apparel Dresses, 1910 to 1950
Mower, Jennifer M. and Pedersen, Elaine L. We Wore “Sloppy Sweaters [and] Tweed Skirts:”1 Proposed Styles for the Wartime College Woman
Saeidi, Elahe and Thompson, Amanda. Using Clothing to Unify a Country: The History of Reza Shah’s Dress Reform in Iran
Sun, Lushan and LeHew, Melody. 70 Years of Fashion in the Chinese Dress—Exploring Sociocultural influences on Chinese Qipao’s Hemline Height and Waistline Fit in 1920s-1980s
Zhang, Bopeng (Pollyanna), Pu, Yu, Jorgensen, Amanda and Marcketti, Sara. Analysis of College Girls and Fashion Proportion in Mademoiselle, 1960-1974

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