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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising/Marketing/Retailing I. Management  track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Merchandising/Marketing/Retailing I. Management 

Cavender, RayeCarol and Kincade, Doris H. Growth Trade-off Variables in Luxury Brand Management
Chen, Yizhuo and Xu, Yingjiao. A Social Network Analysis of Consumers’ Perceived Brand Positions in the Running Shoes Market
Hurst, Jessica L., Son, Jihyeong, Niehm, Linda S., Fiore, Ann Marie and Sadachar, Amrut. The Impact of Entrepreneurial Management on Business Success of Small Retail Firms
Johnson, Kim K. P., Kim, Hye-Young, Mun, Jung Mee and Lee, Ji Young. Keeping Customers Shopping in the Store: Interrelationships among Store Attributes, Shopping Enjoyment, Place Attachment, and Store Loyalty
Kang, Ju-Young M. and Johnson, Kim K. P. Positive WOM for Mobile Location-Based Apparel Shopping Services Usage
Miller, Nancy J., Besser, Terry L. and Hughes, Amy. Differences Between Networked and Non-Networked Retailers
Noh, Mijeong and Johnson, Kim K. P. Antecedents to Sales Associates Turnover in Apparel Retailing: Development of a Conceptual Model
Rietief, Miriam-Miri, Jacobs, Bertha and Fiore, Ann Marie. The Effects of Internal and External Factors on South African Consumers’ Impulse Intention to Visit Pop-Up Stores
Wang, XinXin and Niehm, Linda S. The Embedment of Social Media in Small Business Supply Network Management

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