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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising/Marketing/Retailing II. Visual and Promotion track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Merchandising/Marketing/Retailing II. Visual and Promotion

Bae, Su Yun, Hur, Sonia, Kim, Pielah and Stoel, Leslie. Merchandise Assortments of Online Fair Trade Retailers: Are They Balanced?
Blanchflower, Tiffany Machado and Hodges, Nancy. Bringing Craft Back: A Netnographic Study of Etsy as an Online Marketplace Community
Chang, Jae Youn and Kwon, Wi-Suk. Content Analysis of Scarcity Promotional Messages
Chattaraman, Veena and Kwon, Wi-suk. Interaction Style of Virtual Shopping Agents: Effects on Social Presence and Older Consumers’ Experience in E-tail Sites
Chung, Te-Lin and Diddi, Sonali. Marketing Art Museums Using Social Networking Services: An Identity Salience Model
Devine, Genessa M. Challenge Based Integrated Brand Promotions Project
Goble, Allison N. and Paulins, V. Ann. Investigating the Way Store Environment and Merchandise Assortment Interface to Create Effective Shopping Experiences
Im, Hyunjoo and Ha, Young. May I Have Your Permission? Antecedents of Permission-Granting Intention
Jeong, So Won and Lee, Kyu-Hye. The Influence of Consumer Experiences on Store Choice Criteria and Patronage Intention: the Case Study of SPA Brands
Kang, Ju-Young M. and Johnson, Kim K. P. Facebook Commerce Platform and Social Shopping for Apparel: Testing a Mowen’s 3M Model
Kim, Hyejeong, Byun, Sang-Eun, Choi, Sunhyung and Lee, Kyu-Hye. The Use of Facebook in a Multi-course Collaborative Project within a Cross-cultural Context
Kwon, Wi-Suk, Chattaraman, Veena and Gilbert, Juan. Virtual Agent Locus of Control: Cognitive Assistance for Older Consumers’ Online Shopping
Lapolla, Kendra-Louise and Burdalski, Doreen. Targeting the Baby Boomer Market: A Collaborative Marketing and Design Branding Project
Lee, Hyun-Jung, Lee, Ji-Yeon, Lee, Kyu-Hye. Brand Image and Evaluation Factors of Fashion Product Advertisement
Li, Yishuang, Kwon, Wi-Suk and Byun, Sang-Eun. Effects of App Name Suffixes and App Information Quality on Consumers’ Perceived App Value
Liu, Chuanlan and Zhang, Langchao. Extending Auto Brand into Fashion Clothing Category: An Exploratory Study on Brand Ford
Liu, Chuanlan, Galster, Jennifer and McRoberts, Lisa. Understanding Opinion Leaders in Social Media: An Exploratory Case Study on a Local Apparel Business Facebook Fan-page
Magie, Anna A. and Young, Deborah D. Preparing University Students for Future Careers in the Retail Industry: The Retailer Realities Project
Mull, Ian R. and Lee, Seung Eun. “Pin”pointing the Motivational Dimensions behind Pinterest
Park, Boram, Hur, Songyee and Stoel, Leslie D. A Netnography on Consumer Engagement in Virtual Brand Communities
Poolulangara, Sanjukta, Koonsman, Shannon and Corts, Nicole. How Secure Are You? Consumer Perceptions of Cybersecurity
Shim, Soo In, Kwon, Wi-Suk and Forsythe, Sandra. Enhancing Brand Loyalty through Brand Experience: Application of Online Flow Theory
Song, Sarah and Kim, Minjeong. Strategies for Building Brand Equity for Unfamiliar Companies
Tong, Xiao, Su, Jin and Xu, Yingjiao. Exploring the Personality of Luxury Fashion Brands
Touchette, Ben, Schanski, Morgan and Lee, Seung-Eun. Apparel Brands’ Use of Facebook: An Exploratory Content Analysis of Branded Entertainment
Tung, Tracie and Jai, Tun-Min (Catherine). Who is Using Apparel Tablet Catalogs? Intention and Behavior of Fashion and IT Innovators
Wu, Juanjuan, Kim, Angella and Koo, Jayoung. Co-Design Visual Merchandising in a 3D Virtual Store with Target: A Facet Theory Approach
Yu, Ui-Jeen and Park, Juyeon. Consumers’ Virtual Product Experiences and Risk Perceptions of Product Performance in the Online Co-Design Practice: A Case of NIKEiD

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