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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Professional Development/General track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Professional Development/General

Adams, Melinda K. and Studak, Cathryn. The Impact of a Formal Partnership between Industry and Fashion
Baytar, Fatma and Meyer, Allison. Equipping Apparel Design Students with the Knowledge of 3D/ 2D Simulation Technologies: A Case Study and its Implications for Curriculum Development
Birk, Val, Saiki, Diana, Nam, Jinhee, Sampson, Paula and Harden, Amy. Building Networking Skills as Part of a Fashion Internship Course
Buckland, Sandra Stansbery and Rentenaar, Teena Jennings. Creating Community Connections through a Joint Venture with a Trade Association: A Six-Year Retrospective of What We’ve Learned
Carrico, Melanie, Jung, Sojin, Turner, Thomas and Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda. Technology in Apparel Design – What is Being Used?
Caskey, Kristin. Community Engagement 101 for Fashion, Graphic, and Interior Designers MoB Studio’s First Year
Cheek, Wanda and Frazier, Barbara. Shifting Paradigms: Competencies for 21st Century Retail/Merchandising Graduates
Christel, Deborah A. Plus Size Draping techniques: Normalizing Fat, Obese, and Plus Size Bodies in the Classroom to Enhance Fashion Design Students Versatility in the Fashion Industry"
Ha-Brookshire, Jung and Hawley, Jana. Research Trend Analysis of Clothing and Textiles Research Journal from the Global Supply Chain Management Perspective
Howell, Alexandra. Putting Education to Good Use: Undergraduate Volunteering at a Non-Profit Organization
Johnson, Kim K.P., Lennon, Sharron J., Mun, Jung Mee, Koo, Jayoung, Kim, Angella, Choi, Dooyoung and Yoo, Nayeon. Use of Undergraduates as Participants in Clothing and Textiles Research
Kozar, Joy M., Marketti, Sara B. and Wang, Xinxin. A Reexamination of Factors Contributing to Apparel Majors’ Stress and Abilities to Effectively Manage their Time
LeHew, Melody L. A., Armstrong, Cosette M., and Hiller, Kim Y. Infusing Environmental Sustainability into Textile and Apparel Curriculum: Professional Development Needs for a Discipline in Transition
Marcketti, Sara B. and Fitzpatrick, Janet E. Exhibit Preparation and Promotion: Treasures of the Textiles and Clothing Museum
McAndrews, Laura and Ha-Brookshire, Jung E. Border-crossing and Management between Work and Life Domains Described by Women in the U.S. Apparel Industry
Nishida, Keith and Burns, Leslie D. Learning Professional Dress through Peer-Evaluation
Plummer, Brianna. Documenting the Design Process: Validation of Professional Development for Dossiers
Reeves-DeArmond, Genna. Developing Theoretical Thinking Skills in Dress Scholarship: An Exercise in Relational Statement Identification and Analysis
Reeves-DeArmond, Genna. Exploring the Use of the Personal Meaning Mapping Method in Dress and Textiles Scholarship
Sohn, MyungHee, Ha-Brookshire, Jung, Balakrishnan, Bimal, D’Souza, Newton, Hawley, Jana, Parsons, Jean and Stealey, Josephine. Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategy: Creating Digital/Virtual Student Project Showcases
Weathers, Kelly and Frazier, Barbara. Engaging Fashion Majors in the Community: Outcomes of a Service Learning Project

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