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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Pedagogy track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.


Adomaitis, Alyssa Dana. A Fashion Paradox: Reflective Thinking for Fashion Forecasting
Boorady, Lynn M. Incorporating Service Learning in the Fashion Curriculum
Chattaraman, Veena, Tan, Lindsay and Peek, Paula. Incorporation of Pen-Based Digital Drawing Tools in Apparel and Interior Design Instruction for Effective Design Communication
Chen, Runying. Teaching Merchandising Math: Aligning Four Perspectives on Learning Environments
Choi, Yun-Jung. Stock Market Analysis in Fashion Marketing Class
Cothren, Courtney, Buchanan, Kirsty, and McMurry, Monica. Assessing the Internship Experience: Practical Application of Knowledge to Support Program Learning Outcomes
DeLong, Marilyn, Min, Seoha and Lee, Yoonkyung. Perception of Apparel Sustainability Based upon Cultural Differences among Design Students
Delong, Marilyn, Min, Seoha, Lee, Yoonkyung and Casto, Mary Alice. Perspectives of Apparel Sustainability Among Design Students from Different Cultural Backgrounds
Diddi, Sonali, Tan, Hui-Siang and Karpova, Elena. Exploring International Teaching Assistants Experiences in the U.S. Classroom: Implications for Educational Practices and Training
Fowler, Deborah C. Pinterest and Fashion Forecasting: Engaging Students in the Learning Process
Hasty, Ashley and Christiansen, Deb. Putting Empathy Back in Design: The Purple Dress Project
Hustvedt, Gwendolyn, Kang, Jiyun and Le, Duy. The Relationship Between Attitudes Towards Science and Sustainability
Karpova, Elena and Marcketti, Sara. Getting Real: A Student Perspective on Benefits and Challenges of Incorporating Industry Projects into the Classroom
Kim, Eundeok. Community Service Projects Integrated into Product Innovation and Management Class
Kim, Hyejeong, Byun, Sang-Eun, Choi, Sunhyung and Park, Jeesun. Multi-cultural, Multi-course Collaborative Project: Learning Outcomes and Project Impact
MacDonald, Nora M. Using Assessment in the Fashion Design Studio
Ma, Yoon Jin and Hahn, Kim HongYoun. Job Expectations, Job Preference, and Learning Expectations of Apparel Merchandising and Design College Students
Mamp, Michael and Sanders, Eulanda A. Teaching Creative Design Process: Grey Gardens Documentary as a Source of Inspiration
Marcketti, Sara B., Greder, Kate and Sinclair, Heather. β€œIs Anything Ever New?” Student Perceptions of Design Piracy in their Apparel Design Work and as Consumers
Miller, Phyllis Bell. Helping Students Take Visual Design to New Heights: Utilizing Design Concepts to Create Fantasy Fascinators
Nishida, Keith. Incorporating Magazine Project to Teach Fashion Styling Course
Noon, Virginia M. and Ashley, Vera Bruce. Industry Connections: Linking Design Professionals to Fashion Students Using Real Time Technology
Park, Jee-Sun, Seo, Hyun-Jin and Lee, Kyu-Hye. Successful Use of Newspapers in Curriculum Development for First-year College Students
Reeves-DeArmond, Genna, Mower, Jennifer and Nishida, Keith. Student and Faculty Perceptions of the Development and Use of Massive Open Online Courses in Clothing and Textiles Education
Senanayake, Muditha and Class, Mary. Need Analysis – Information Technology Literacy Skills for Non-Majority College Students
Tullio-Pow, Sandra, Schaefer, Kirsten, Rajanayagam, Kirthiga, Navarro, Henry, Bentley, Patricia, Fohr, Susan, Klasnja, Ana, Devitt, Anne, Conley, Jody and Kaufmann, Michele. Community Co-Design: From Magic Squares to Magic Dresses
Yang, Eunyoung and Burpitt, Martha. Artistry in Design-Visual Connection: an Interdisciplinary Student Exhibition
Yaoyuneyong, Gallayanee and Burgess, Brigitte. Social Networking Sites: An Exploration of Scale Reliability

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