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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Social Psychological Aspects track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Social Psychological Aspects

Albrecht, Milde, Jacobs, Berthe and Retief, Arda. The Influence of Important Values and Predominant Identity on South African Female Muslim Students’ Dress Practices
Baek, Eunsoo and Choo, Ho Jung. The Effect of Appearance Information on Favorableness Perception - The Role of Contingencies of Self-Worth and Self-Relevance
Becker, Julie A. and Bellamy, Alphonso. An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationships between Individual Personality Characteristics and the Perceptions of Virtual Merchandising
Blackwell, Chelsea and Rudd, Nancy Ann. White Ballgowns, Black Lace, and Bling: A Content Analysis of Say Yes to the Dress
Hahn, Kim and Lee, Eun-Jung. Effect of Psychological Closeness on Consumer Attitudes Toward Fashion Blogs: The Moderating Effect of Fashion Leadership and Interpersonal LOV
Harmon, Jennifer and Rudd, Nancy Ann. Appearance and Masculinity: An Investigation into Appearance Management Behaviors, Social Physique Anxiety, Appearance Evaluation, and Appearance Orientation in a Small, Sexually Diverse Sample
Harmon, Jennifer and Rudd, Nancy Ann. Body Size Anxiety: Appearance Management Behaviors, Social Physique Anxiety, Appearance Evaluation, and Appearance Orientation in Larger Size Women
Kang, Ju-Young M. and Johnson, Kim K. P. Appearance and Social Psychological Meanings of a Favorite Clothing Item
Kim, Sun-Woo and Lee, Yuri. Why Do Women Seek Physical Beauty?: A Cross-Cultural Approach to Understand the Physical Beauty of East Asian Women
Ko, Sunyoung and Yu, Haekyung. Relationship of Clothing Attributes, Self-Congruity, Expectations and Performance Purchases by Regular-Size and Plus-Size Korean Women 
Lennon, Sharron J. Using Qualtrics Web-based Research Survey Software for Undergraduate Research Projects in a Social-psychological Aspects of Clothing Course with Millennials
Park, Juyeon and Cozza, Melissa. Quality of Life of Pre-Surgery Bariatric Patients: A Focus on Appearance
Perry, Anna Lingling, Lee, Juyoung, Li, Rui and Damhorst, Mary Lynn. Image, Social Role and Social Weight of Chinese Women on the Cover of Popular Cinema from 1950 to 2012
Perry, Anna Lingling, Damhorst, Mary Lynn and Ogle, Jennifer Paff. The Relationship among Weight Controllability, Weight-based Stereotypes and Attitudes, and Weight Loss Behaviors
Reddy, Shweta Linga. Experience of Body Dissatisfaction among Men and Women across Life Span
Reddy, Shweta Linga. Understanding Body Dissatisfaction among Older Men: A Qualitative Study
Reddy-Best, Kelly L. and Pedersen, Elaine. Fashioning Queer Bodies: Intersections of Dress, Identity, and Anxiety for Queer Women
Rubinger, Julie and Tullio-Pow,Sandra. Uncloaking the Anxiety behind Professional Dress
Rudd, Nancy A. Reality TV as a Teaching Tool for Psychosocial Constructs of Appearance
Stannard, Casey. Negotiating an Appropriate Image: A Visual Analysis of Prom Magazine Editorials
Tawfiq, Wijdan and Ogle, Jennifer Paff. Constructing and Presenting the Self through Private Sphere Dress: An Interpretive Analysis of the Experiences of Saudi Arabian Women
Wu, Yingying, Pribil, Jacqueline Lorette and Ashdown, Susan P. The Influence of 3D Body Scans on Body Image for 18-22 Age Women
Yoo, Jeong-Ju and Kim, Hye-Young. Influences of Parental Attachment and Life Satisfaction on Social Tanning Behaviors among College Students

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