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2013 ITAA Proceedings #70

Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

October 15-18, 2013

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Sustainability/Social Responsibility  track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Sustainability/Social Responsibility

Bae, Su Yun and Yan, Ruoh-Nan (Terry). Purchase and Post-Purchase Intentions of Ethical Consumer Behavior
Cao, Huantian, Scudder, Crescent, Dickson, Marsha A., Cobb, Kelly and Carper, Martha. Sustainable Auto Worker Uniforms: Lessons Learned from Applying a Sustainable Product Development Tool
Das, Debanjan and Norum, Pamela. Sustainable Laundry Practices: Exploring the Laundry Practices among US Households
Diddi, Sonali and Lee, Young-A. Content Analysis of Sustainability Scholarship in Apparel and Textiles and its Implications for Future Research
Diddi, Sonali and Lee, Young-A. Exploratory Analysis of Sustainability Involvements among the Apparel Companies Affiliated with Sustainable Apparel Coalition
Diddi, Sonali and Lee, Young-A. Sustainability: What Does it Mean to You?
Gam, Hae Jin, Ma, Yoon Jin and Banning, Jennifer. Who Read Socially Responsible Apparel Labels
Grotts, Allie and Hawley, Jana. Moving beyond Tradeoffs: Creating Shared Value through Mutually Beneficial Relationships
Gupta, Megha and Hodges, Nancy. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Apparel Industry: An Exploration of Indian Manufacturers’ Perceptions
Hiller Connell, Kim Y. Exploration of the Environmentally Sustainable Apparel Purchase Decision-Making Process
Hiller Connell, Kim Y., Armstrong, Cosette M., LeHew, Melody, Ruppert-Stroescu, Mary and Hawley, Jana. “You are Doing What?” Motivations for Fashion Acquisition Abstinence
Hwang, Chanmi Gloria and Lee, Young-A. Generation Y's Attitudes towards Apparel Labeled with Organic, Recycled and Fair Trade
Hwang, Chanmi Gloria, Lee, Young-A and Diddi, Sonali. Generation Y's Purchase Intentions with Organic, Fair Trade, and Recycled Apparel and their Relationships to Moral Obligation
Jones, Katie Baker and Grotts, Alli. Discussing the B Corp: New Paradigm, New Economy
Joung, Hyun-Mee. Materialism and Clothing Post-Purchase Behaviors
Kang, Jiyun and Hustvedt, Gwendolyn. Building Trust in the Consumer-Company Relationship: The Role of Consumer Perceptions of Transparency and Social Responsibility
Kim, Jiyoung and Higgins, Kathleen. Effect of Perceived Fit and Attribution of CSR Programs on Brands’ Moral Legitimacy, Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty
Koo, Helen, Dunne, Lucy and Bye, Elizabeth. Design Functions in Transformable Garments for Sustainability
Kwon, Heesoo and Zhang, Jing. Differences in Consumers’ Attitudes toward Eco-Fashion Products: Comparisons between South Korea and China
Lee, Ji Young and Johnson, Kim K.P. Identification with a Socially Responsible Apparel Company: Role of Cause-Related Marketing Strategy in Building Brand Loyalty
Lin, Sheng-Chen and Ellis, Joan. The Role of Values in the Theory of Planned Behavior: An Organic Apparel Context
Magie, Anna A. and Young, Deborah D. Sustainable Showcase Project: Student Pathway to Understanding Sustainability in the Apparel and Home Furnishings Industries
Manchiraju, Srikant. Predicting Behavioral Intentions toward Sustainable Fashion Consumption: A Comparison of Attitude-Behavior and Value-Behavior Consistency Models
Ma, Yoon Jin, Gam, Hae Jin and Banning, Jennifer. Acceptance of a Socially Responsible Label Model for Apparel Products: Application of the Technology Acceptance Model
McAndrews, Laura and Norum, Pamela. The Education of Sustainable Consumers: An Analysis of Sewing Education and Disposal Activity
Perry, Anna Lingling and Chung, Te-Lin. Identifying the Gap between Attitude and Behavior of Purchasing Environmentally-friendly Apparel: Environmental Awareness, Attitudes, and Products’ Attributes
Schaefer, Kirsten and Navarro, Henry. Sustainable Bridal & Beyond – Using Design to Extend Garment Life & Eliminate Waste
Starkey, Sandra and Norum, Pamela. Second Hand Clothing Acquisition: Demographic and Psychographic Characteristics of the Second Hand Shopper
Strickfaden, Megan, Johnson, Linda Marie and Tullio-Pow, Sandra. Disability, Identity, Sameness & Differentness: First Impressions of Clothing
White, Ashlyn and Lee, Young-A. An Exploratory Study of Sustainability Ratings for Conventional and Alternative Textiles on Environmental Effects
Woo, Hongjoo and Jin, Byoungho. Apparel Brands’ Corporate Social Responsibility:
Influences of Consumers’ Cultural Values and Impacts on Brand Loyalty
Yang, Kiseol, Pookulangara, Sanjukta and Kim, Jiyoung. Promoting Shop Local Movement via Digital Platforms
Zheng, Yiwen and Chi, Ting. Environmental Concern and Apparel Consumption: An Empirical Study of Chinese Consumers

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