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Become Involved!
Your active involvement in ITAA is valued and needed to move our organization forward. Committee involvement is a great way to participate in the organization and work with colleagues from both education and industry. Committee members serve a minimum one-year term. Committee chairs serve on the ITAA Board, and it is from this group that persons are nominated to run for ITAA elected office. There is a committee for every interest. Review the list below.  Committee Responsibilities are included in the ITAA Policies and Procedures Handbook.
ITAA COMMITTEE                                                                                                          REPORTS TO:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
International Relations Committee                                                                             Vice President of Planning     
Cultural and Industry Learning Tours Committee  
External Relations Committee
Philosophical Missions Committee                                                                                          
Design Review Committee                                                                                            Vice President of Scholarship
Conference Abstract and Paper Review Committee

Design Education and Scholarship Committee  

Design Exhibition                                                                                                            Vice President of Conferences­
Design Catalog Editor
Annual Meeting Coordinator Year 1
Annual Meeting Coordinator Year 2
Annual Meeting Coordinator Year 3


Curricular Development and Review Committee                                                      Vice President of Education
Graduate Education Committee
Teaching Innovation and Resources Committee                                                                
Administrative Leadership Committee
Graduate Student Liaison                                                                                                            

Social Media Marketing Committee                                                                             Vice President of Publications                                                               
Membership Committee                                                                                                Vice President of Operations
Faculty Fellowships and Awards Committee                                                                       
Student Fellowships and Awards Committee                                                                     
Design Awards Committee
Public Relations Committee                                                                                   
Please complete the Committee Involvement (linked below)  by listing the committee you are most interested in joining. Also, indicate your future interest in serving as a Committee Chair.
 When you submit the form, the Executive Director will send it to the appropriate VP and then to the appropriate Committee Chair indicating your interest.  If your selected committee is not able to take new members at the time you submit the form, you will be notified and asked to submit another form.  (This is a change from selecting your top 3 choices at one time -- which caused confusion among committee chairs.) For additional information about a particular committee, please contact the Vice President in charge of that area by referring to the ITAA website for the current contact information.   Thank you!

Committee Involvement Form