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ITAA Legacy Group

The ITAA Legacy Group consists of Past Presidents and ITAA Fellows. As ITAA Leaders, the group is charged with serving as a spring board for progressing new ideas related to the organization; making suggestions for annual conference format and speakers; proposing connections for development/fund raising; making suggestions for committee leadership, etc.  The Counselor serves as the organizer of the group and is charged with maintaining an updated list of Past Presidents and ITAA Fellows. This group meets during a social hour at the annual conference. Input will be sought on issues of current importance. Follow-up conference calls or other forms of communication can serve to solidify ideas. The Counselor will prepare reports on Legacy Group suggestions and activities for the annual and spring Council meetings. 

In 2012, this group established the Legacy Excellence Fund--funds designated a the discretion of Council and the Legacy Group.   

Below is a list of Legacy Group members, presented in alphabetical order.



Name School/Firm President Fellow
ITAA Legacy Members
 Adams, Amelia    1973-1974  
 Ashdown, Susan  Cornell University    2016
 *Avery, Carol E.  Florida State University    1989
 Bastow-Shoop, Holly  North Dakota State Univerity  2005-2006


 Bennett, Charlotte M.  North Dakota State University  1975-1976  1989
 Bickle, Marianne  University of South Carolina  2017  
 Boles, Joann  VPI and State University  1984-1985  1996
 Brooks, Winona    1971-1972  
 Burns, Leslie D.  Oregon State University  2007-2008  1997
 Bye, Elizabeth (Missy)  University of Minnesota  2015  
 Cassill, Nancy L.  North Carolina State University  1997-1998  2000
 *Creekmore, Anna M.  Michigan State University    1989
 Damhorst, Mary Lynn  Iowa State University  2013  2003
 DeJonge, Jacqueline  University of Tennessee  1988-1989  1991
 DeLong, Marilyn R.  University of Minnesota  1985-1986  1989
 *Densmore, Barbara E.  VPI & State University    1989
 Dickerson, Kitty G.  University of Missouri  1990-1991  1989
 Dickey, Lois E.  Ohio State University

 1969-1970, 1980-1981

 Dickson, Marsha  University of Delaware    2016
 *Douglas, Sara  University of Illinois  2002-2003  
 *Douty, Helen I.  Auburn University    1989
 Eckman, Molly Jean  Colorado State University  2001-2002  2007
 Eicher, Joanne B.  University of Minnesota    1989
 Farrell-Beck, Jane. A  Iowa State University    1999
 Feather, Betty L.  University of Missouri  1992-1993  1989
 Fiore, Dr. Ann Marie  Iowa State University    2009
 Flynn, Judith Z.  Framingham State College    1994
 Francis, Sally  Oregon State University  2000-2001  
 Friend, Shirley E.  North Dakota State University  1986-1987  1989
 Gates, Ruth  Oregon State University  1978-1979  
 Gephart, Mary L.    1968-1969  
 Gerlach, Mary    1972-1973  
 *Glisson, Oris  VPI & SU    1991
 Greenwood, Kathryn  Oklahoma State University    1990
 Hawley, Jana M.  University of Arizona  2010-2011  2013
 Hegland, Jane  South Dakota State University  2018  
 Hillestad, Robert C.  University of Nebraska    1989
 *Horn, Marilyn J.  University of Nevada  1983-1984  1989
 Horridge, Patricia E.  Texas Tech University    1989
 Hutton, Sandra S.  Colorado State University    1993
 Johnson, Kim K.P.  University of Minnesota  2008-2009  2002
 Jolly, Laura D.

 Iowa State University

 1995-1996  2000
 *Joseph, Marjory L.  California State Univ - Northridge  1979-1980  1988
 Kadolph, Sara  Iowa State University    2006
 Kaiser, Susan B.  University of California  1993-1994  1989
 Kean, Rita M.  University of Nebraska  1996-1997  1999
 Kefgen, Mary F.  California State Univ - Long Beach    1989
 Kernaleguen, Anne P.  University of Alberta  1981-1982  1989
 Kinley, Tammy University of North Texas  2016  
 Kotsiopulos, Antigone

 Colorado State University

 Professor Emeritus

 1994-1995  1996
 Kunz, Grace I.  Iowa State University    1998
 Ladisch, Christine

 Purdue University

 Vice Provost Academic Affairs

 Dean Health & Human Services

 2006-2007  2009
 Lamb, Jane M.

 University of Delaware

 Professor Emerita

 Laughlin, Joan M.  University of Nebraska  1987-1988  1989
 Lennon, Sharron J.  University of Delaware  1998-1999  1996
 Littrell, Mary A.  Colorado State University  1989-1990  1994
 Loker, Suzanne  Cornell University    2007
 MacDonald, Nora M.  West Virginia University  2009-2010  2008
 Meacham, Esther A.  Ohio State University    1990
 Miller, Nancy  Colorado State University    2014
 Norton, Marjorie J.T.  VPI & State University    2001
 O'Neal, Gwendolyn S.  University of North Carolina Greensboro  2004-2005  2003
 Owens, Nancy J.  California State Univ - Northridge    1993
 Perry, Mignon    1974-1975  
 Rees, Kathleen  Texas A&M University Kingsville  2011-2012  2014
 Reich, Naomi A.  University of Arizona    1989
 Roach-Higgins, Mary Ellen  University of Wisconsin  1977-1978  1989
 Rucker, Margaret H.  University of California - Davis  1999-2000  1993
 Rudd, Nancy The Ohio State University     2012
 Rutherford, Nancy  University of Tennessee  2003-2004  2005
 Schofield, Sherry  Florida State University  2013  1017
 Sparks, Diane  Colorado State University    2010
 Stowe, Barbara S.  Kansas State University  1976-1977  1990
 Tortora, Phyllis A.  Queens College  1982-1983  1989
 Touchie-Specht, Phyllis A.  Mt. San Antonio College    1989
 *Tozier, Enid    1970-1971  
 Treece, Anna J.  University of Tennessee    1989
 Uptegraft, Jo Ellen  University of Oklahoma    1989
 Warfield, Carol L.  Auburn University  1991-1992  1995
 Watkins, Susan M.   Cornell University    1991
 Williams, Gloria M.  University of Minnesota    1994
 Winakor, Geitel  Iowa State University    1989
 Yeager, Janice I.  West Virginia University    1995