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ITAA Website Tips

Make the most of ITAA's website's features.  As an ITAA member, you can download CTRJ articles at no cost; search the ITAA member database for members in specific regions or with particular interests; manage your member profile and retrieve payment receipts.


Internet Browser

The ITAA website functions best when using Chrome or Firefox internet browsers.  Sometimes there are compatibility issues with Internet Explorer, which result in image distortions and non-functioning links.

The Powerful 'Manage Profile' Link

The 'Manage Profile' link under Quick Links is the gateway to your ITAA membership information.  On that page:

  • Select "Edit Bio" to update your information; change your username and password: make sure ITAA emails sent to your email address are not bouncing.  Note on the term, Location -- the website uses this term for the field in which you should enter your state or province.
  • Select "Invoices" to pay open invoices and print receipts for payments you have made.  Conference registration receipts show up under the Shipped/Closed filter; other ITAA "products" show up under the Processed filter.
  • Select "Membership" to see the status of your ITAA membership.  Click on the far left invoice icon to view/print your membership payment receipt.
  • Under "Content and Features" you can create web pages linked to your profile; post photos; create blogs and a file library.
  • Interact with other ITAA members through the "Community" links.  ITAA committees are encouraged to establish working groups.  Contact the Executive Director to create your committee group.  Groups can be open or closed and allow members to easily email each other and share files.
  • Share your professional credentials with other ITAA members with the "Resume/CV" link.

Member Search

The 'Member Search' link under Quick Links allows ITAA members to search the ITAA member database.  You can look for a specific member; or search the database for members in a particular member category, with particular research or teaching interests, with a specific position/rank, and/or located at a particular institution/country/location.

Note--the information retrieved is dependent on the information ITAA members provide in their member profiles.


Accessing CTRJ Online

ITAA members have the opportunity to download full-length CTRJ articles as PDF files for free through the CTRJ portal on the Sage Publications website.  However, members sometimes find that they are asked to pay when they attempt to download an article.  Use the following steps to avoid the request for payment.  


You must access the CTRJ portal on the Sage website through the CTRJ Access page on the ITAA website.  You must sign in as an ITAA member to access this page.


  1. Click on the “Access CTRJ Online” link in the Quick Links box in the lower center portion of the home page; on the "For Members Only" page under the Membership tab.
  2. Sign in using your ITAA Username and Password.  (If you are already signed onto the website, select the "Access CTRJ Online" in the Quick Links box at the bottom of the page.)
  3. A new page comes up.  Click on  “CTRJ online”.
  4.  You are taken to the CTRJ portal on the Sage Publications Website.
  5.  Find the articles of interest to you and click on “Full Text (PDF)".
  6.  Download the PDF file.  You should not be asked to sign in or pay on the Sage website.