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Online Workshop Proposal Submission
Only the submitter of the proposal will receive the notification emails; it is the responsibility of the submitting author to notify other authors. Submitting author must be a member of ITAA.
Complete the Submission Form.
1.      Only current members will be allowed to complete the submission process.
2.      Begin submission process by logging on to the submission page.
3.      List your professional affiliation.
4.      List the full title of your Workshop as it should appear in the conference program.
5.      List the name(s) and professional affiliation(s) of the coordinator(s) of the session as it should appear in the program.
6.      List the names and professional affiliations of all presenters in order of authorship as they should appear in the conference program.
7.      Give a summary description (30 words or less for the conference program).
8.      Check copyright agreement terms.
9.    Browse/select the proposal file to upload.
Click “submit” to complete the submission process.
Correct Format for Conference Program
This is the Title of the Session
Joanna Smith, Some University, USA
Coordinator 2’s name and affiliation
Joanna Smith, Some University, USA
Presenter 2’s name and affiliation
Presenter 3’s name and affiliation
(List affiliation after each coordinator’s/presenter’s name if they are from different universities/organizations; use the affiliation once after the last coordinator’s/presenter’s name if all are from the same university/organization).
Summary Description
This session is intended to …..

PO Box 70687
Knoxville, TN 37938-0687
Executive Director, Nancy Rutherford, Ph.D